The “SOMEK” Craft Trade was founded in 1970 by Mr. Dušan Somek and it has been active ever since. From the very beginning the craft trade was oriented to providing maintenance services for the machinery of big companies whose primary activities do not include production mechanical engineering. The services included the manufacture of spare machine parts, design and development of technical documentation for substitute parts, etc. After a relatively modest beginning, investing a lot of hard work and great efforts, the craft trade expanded by the mid-90s to some sixty machines and about thirty employees.

It was then that for the first time a decline in turnover was noticed, due to the constant deterioration of the conditions in industry and entrepreneurship on the domestic market, and thus a decision was made to offer the services of machining to the foreign, first of all West European market.

After the first several indirect contacts, we managed to present ourselves directly on the market, for which we are manufacturing first installation machine parts, according to the technical documentation provided by the customer. Since then, our turnover on the foreign market has been constantly growing.

Most of our “foreign” production is marketed in the companies in Austria, and we also cooperate with companies in Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. The increase in business regarding our export production has had a favourable effect on our domestic segment as well, and it is starting to show slight increase.

Among the users of our services regarding the manufacture of spare parts are the distinguished Croatian producers, including the major ones such as:

• STSI – Zagreb
• SAS-HSTEC – Zadar
• INETEC – Zagreb
• Kristal Samobor
• Pliva d.d. – Zagreb
• KRAŠ – Zagreb
• Labud Zagreb
JAMNICA – Zagreb
• Petrokemija d.d.
• HRID – Zagreb
• INA Rijeka
• Luka Ploče
• KONČAR Generatori i motori – Zagreb
• L & P Tehnologije – Prelog
• Zagrebačke ceste – Zagreb
• VJESNIK – Zagreb
• Bakrotisak Garešnica
• THOMAS Machines – Swiss
• AP Swiss Tech S.A. – Swiss
• Alfred Moser GmbH – Austria
• MAG – Austria
• ROSENDAHL Maschinen – Austria
• PAAR – Austria
• TBS – Jastrebarsko
• KONČAR – kučanski aparati
• Brodarski Institut – Zagreb
• CCI Industrie Italia