The machinery consists of about eighty machines, out of which four CNC (computer controlled) milling machines, two CNC turning machines, and two vertical machining centres, teeth grinders up to class 6, and horizontal drilling machines for the machining of large-size workpieces.

Production oriented

The "SOMEK" Craft Trade is completely production-oriented, present on the market for more than 30 years, participating successfully in the merciless competition on the foreign and the domestic markets.

3D digital measuring

We are equipped also with 3D digital measuring device made by the Tesa and smaller devices by Mitutoyo and Time, and we use them in the production input and output control. Everything that has been said indicates that we own a single rounded-up production cycle adjusted to the great number of different positions in the field of mid- and precision mechanical engineering production.


The "SOMEK" Craft Trade was founded in 1970 by Mr. Dušan Somek and it has been active ever since. From the very beginning the craft trade was oriented to providing maintenance services for the machinery of big companies whose primary activities do not include production mechanical engineering.

Usluge koje nudimo

 Glodanje CNC

10 komada univerzalnih alatnih, 5 komada. CNC glodalice, 2 komada vertikalnih obradnih centara). Univerzalne alatne glodalice hoda stola do 1600 x 500mm, h = 500 mm



Samostojeća radijalna te stolna bušilica do promjera 72, veličina stola 600 x 400 x 500 mm (4 komada)
3 horizontalne bušilice s vretenima promjera 80 mm, 90 mm i 110 mm, veličina stola do 1200 x 1100 mm, dužina obrade do 2500mm. (3 komada)


odvalna glodalica za čelnike do m = 14, promjera 1050 mm, h = 560 mm, odvalna glodalica za pužna kola do m = 14, odvalna glodalica za lančanike do promjera 1050, t = 3, h = 560 mm, stroj za unutarnje ozubljenje do m = 6, promjera 350 mm, h = 72 m,stroj za ozubljenje stožnika od m = 1 do m = 10, promjera 420 mm